Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Truth About Men...or at least my humble opinion :-)

Mynx ask a multipart question that I actually really though about and will attempt answer.  The question:  Why won't guys ever ask for directions, call a tradesman or read instructions?  I am guilty of two of the three.  Directions...the genetic role of the male is hunter...whether it be the hunter of a T-Rex or that special new resturant you want to try...I think we feel like a failure if we can't "sniiff" out the route on our own.  I do think most women would be surprised at how much more willing a man is to ask for directions if he is alone.  I am historically guilty of not asking for directions...until I got my first, life is good! 

Calling a tradesman is a little's the whole Alpha-male thing...we hate for another guy to realize we can't do things a guy is "supposed" to be able to do.  I am NOT guilty of this one...I have paid out too much money over the years for someone to fix a "project" that I screwed up!!!  It's a tough hurdle to overcome but pay twice as much to get something done right enough times and even men tend to accept reality.

Not reading instructions....that's an easy one...we actually think (justified or not) that we're smart enough to figure stuff out :-)  I am sooooo guilty of this one.  I have convinced myself that it is part of the devine plan of the universe that every piece of unassembled furniture must be put together backwards at least once to have any true value!

lyndylou also is looking for some pearls of wisdom....unfortunately, she'll have to settle for me :-)  She asks Why do men have to flick through all the tv channels constantly?  That's a stumper!  I don't watch much TV so I'm not sure if I do that...I know I must have control of the's a King of the Castle thing :-)  Maybe it's just ADD??? 

She also wants to know Why do they think it is cool or funny to fart at will, any time, any place, anywhere?  I am NOT guilty of this one but probably only because I don't have the God-given talent of being able to fart at will :-)  Why do we think it's funny and cool....because regardless of our age or station in life, we all have a 10 year old boy still locked inside of us.

lyndylou has seen pass my facade and cut into my soul with the last question And what is this thing they have about gadgets?  OK, you've found me out...I am a gadget-aholic!!!  I don't understand the addiction but I suffer from it I type this on my desktop...a laptop is less than 12 inches from my right elbow and an iPad is about 6 inches from my left hand...there is another laptop in my bedroom...I have 3 flatscreen HD TVs...I own 6 Xbox consoles....and I live alone!!!!!   Someone please help me!!!!  I'd join gandgets anonymous...but I spend so much time playing with my gadgets that I'd never be able to squeeze in the meetings. it's my turn...I have a question for all you lovely ladies.  I've read a number of times in different publications, heard in interviews, seen in polls, and been told by women that one of the key qualities women want in a man is a sense of humor.  If this is true....why do women always end up sleeping with the bad boys or dark, emotionally troubled guys instead of the funny ones?

Hope y'all have a great night and I sooooo enjoy your company!!!


Jess said...

Correction: bad boys with a great sense of humor, or emotionally troubled guys with great dry humor. Either will work.

I definitely would take sense of humor over looks because, honey, those looks will fade and you better have a man who will make you laugh, because in life sometimes you just need to laugh. Otherwise it can be really depressing. That's my theory, anyway.

Oh, and laughter reduces stress, which will reduce face wrinkles later in life. Bonus!

SSW said...

Love the responses to your interview questions.Good Job! Now to answer yours , I love a man that can make me laugh and if there is an attraction I don't think there is a problem with giving him sex , but he can't ONLY be funny.

hed said...

6...Xboxes....why, WHY??


Sandra said...

Totally into funny guys! Trust me, my husband doesn't stroke my ego enough for me to stick around for any other reason than the fact that he's hilarious.
You're funny too...sort of bloggy crushing on ya...~wink wink~

Keyda-chan said...

Probably, because, honestly, it's the bad boys that attract us as soon as we see them. They've just got this sort of magnetism. The funny ones you've got to get to know them before you see how great they are. I personally would go for either. ;) Or maybe both!

Haha, anyway, love your responses!

lyndylou said...

Oh my god you are doomed when it comes to gadgets! 3 HD TV's and 6 XBoxes!! I am shocked and stunned but not in the least bit amazed! lol

Now to your question. I was married to a guy who was funny and good looking but it turned out to be an over the top, totally annoying, toddler kind of humour which once I started living with him, totally sucked my will to live!

I love humour but now I realise it is the clever, sarcastic but not hurtful kind that I like and if it comes with a twinkle in the eye then it doesn't matter what the guy looks like cos as Jess said, looks do fade and if there is nothing else to hold your attention then it's a no go. Bad boys? Every girl has to have one at some point just like boys go for bad girls too.

Jumble Mash said...

LOL Don't forget dad, you gave us one of those big flat screens! And entertainment center Oh yeah, and our living room furniture.

Dad likes to go and buy new stuff and then give me the old stuff which isn't really old but old to him. Ah, I do love being his child.

As for the bad boy thing? I think every woman goes through at least one bad boy. Once that is out of our system and we realize that he really does suck at life, we find that the funny guy is the guy we wanna bring home to meet the parents. I don't personally know any female that has settled down with the bad boy.

becca said...

love this keep the answers coming i am learning alot about men and it makes me more aware of why my husband does what he does

Bouncin' Barb said...

As for me, I used to sleep with the bad guys because I wanted sex. If I wanted a relationship I wanted funny. Now I have the funniest man I know and don't plan on letting him go any time soon.

Dad said... let me get this straight...I need to cultivate a bad boy image (would cat juggling qualify?) dark and moody (really tough for me) and then I can be it!!! Sure seems like a lot of trouble :-) But I do appreciate the responses!

@hed...short answer...cause they keep coming out with new ones...and of course, if it's new...I've gotta have it :-)

@Sandra...I'm heart be still ;-)

@keyda-chan...nice to meet ya...and thanks :-)

@lyndylou...I am soooo your guy...I have the faded looks, a non-mean sense of humor and of course all those friggin' gadgets :-)

@JM...and it goes without saying that I love being your Daddy :-) However, I still blame my grey hairs (the few I have left) on you :-)

@becca...consider me your own wikipedia :-)

@barb...good for you!!!