Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What did you hear???

Admit it...there is a song out there that you THOUGHT you knew the words to....but found out (or maybe you haven't discovered yet) that you had been singing it wrong for who knows how long!  On of the most famous "misheard" lyrics has to be Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival!  The correct lyric is "There's a bad moon on the rise"....I, along with about a million other people have always heard "There's a bathroom on the right"!

So, today's question is....what song/lyrics did you (or are you) singing wrong?


Bouncin' Barb said...

It took me forever to get the words to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. I never could get the "lost" shaker of salt. Sounded like log, shaker and salt. Hahaha. See 50 and we are still learning.

Asian Angel said...

All of the songs. Apparently I am horrible with lyrics.

Jimmy said...

In my mind I am still singing them all correctly Ha Ha

Chief aka Dad said...


@Angel...well at least you're consistent

@Jimmy...I like the approach...don't confuse me with facts, I know what I'm doing :-)

On My Soapbox said...

Oh, I have two favorites! One is "Man of Simple Tongue" (Mayor of Simpleton), the other "I Spoke to Joyce" (I Smoked Two Joints). If you listen to the lyrics, they actually work with my version!

bruce said...

most Elton John songs...but in particular benny and the jets

"she's got electric boots and a mohair suit you know, i read it in a magazine~e~ine....b-b-b-b-bennny and the jets...

i had no idea what he was saying until the puter, cyberwebeber and lyrics cheats sites...

Canadianbloggergirl said...

I'm going to put my "mommy" touch on this one.

My daughter watches Treehouse (all children's programming no commercials kinda channel). There is a show on this channel called Third & Bird. Well the little song theme introduction (opening credits thing) sounds like its singing this phrase:

"that fucking bird"

My hubby thinks it funny that I hear those words on a child's program.

To me, it makes it easier to listen to that shit!


Out of My Mind said...

Ahhhh....How am I supposed to know that I am singing them wrong? After all I mostly sing in the shower(by myself!) or in the car. Nobody ever hears me sing (and that'f for a good reason).

Take a look at my blog....I grabbed your button and am featuring you for a while. Hopefully, this will send some more followers your way. We can use a lot more laughs in this world and you are doing your part, for sure! kt

hed said...

My mom always used to sing George Harrison's "I Got My Mind Set on You" as "Look Out, I Might Sit on You" until I pointed it out. LOL!


The Empress said...

I'm guessing that depending upon the era, the actual singers of the songs might not have even known what the heck they were singing. I'm pretty good with lyrics but since I sing only in the car by myself I can sing whatever I want : )

Mrs. Hyde said...

In Keri Hilson's song Knocks You Down, there's a line where she says, "Feels like I'm in a race." Sounds like "Feels like a mam erase." No, I don't know what the hell a mam erase is, either, but that's what I thought she said. You know musicians are crazy.

a bitch called mom

Anonymous said...

Fall Out Boy. Period. No questions asked.

They are the HARDEST to try and learn the words with just the song alone.

Bubbles said...

I'd say all of them I sing wrong as you can never tell what some singers are saying...

Yours is funny though and its understandable how it can be done especially if they sing it fast.

lyndylou said...

Holly is always getting song words wrong much to my amusement. Bad mum! But the best one ever was when she was about 8. It was the re release of the Band Aid song, Feed the World and Holly came up to me one day after singing the chorus and said "mum, what does viva woooohhhh" stand for? I looked at her totally confused and said "what are you talking about?". So she started singing the chorus like this "vi va wooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, let them know it's christmas time" I fell about laughing, couldn't get breath and was crying so hard that it took me a whole ten mins to tell her the words were Feed the World!

Very very funny.

gewuerzgurke said...

There is a song by the kooks, "naive" and the sing "How could this been done
by such a smiling sweetheart" and the way he pronounces it I always understood "smiling sweet whore". I stopped liking the song when I found out what the actual lyrics where... :P

Odie Langley said...

There have been many times in my car I would be singing along with say the Dixie Chicks and all of a sudden what I was singing was not right and it really bugs me. I keep trying though. Have a great day.


anything by James Reyne/Australian Crawl.....try singing along to Hammerhead...I dare you :)

becca said...

you mean there are actual correct lyrics to songs and here i thought it was make your own words fit. great post

Julie said...

i came over from my friend Lynne's blog - i'm laughing @ some of the lyrics we sing buit are wrong!!
mine is " wooaaaa we're going to eat pizza"
nOW - my EXCUSE was that the 1st time i heard the song was @ a fun run my daughter was doiong with school. The pizza hut pooch was there and it seemed obvious that they'd do somethiong about pizza!
Duh - wrong, the words were "wooaaa, i'm going to IBIZA!!!"

In my defence m'lud, i doubt i was the only person to think this!!!

Jumble Mash said...

Hahah this reminds me of little sis. Remember "Don't go Jason Waterfalls" instead of "Don't go chasing waterfalls?"

The two that I messed up that I can remember are "I believe in miracles" I always said, "I belive in mal call." Don't know what that is but it sounded right.

And "Hard Luck Woman" I always said, "Hard Loving Woman."

The Restaurant Manager said...

I thought the lyrics were:

"You don't tug on Supermans cape, you don't speed into the wind."

Apparently, it's you don't SPIT into the wind.

Jared said...

Lol i can't think of any songs right now ..Usually i'm on the other side of this. I'm the person who gets annoyed that you don't know the lyrics but insist on singing...sometimes...anyway my lyrical nazisim aside your blog totally kicks ass and im gonna follow you. i think you might like my sense of humor check out my blog.

recen posts include: nudity as a problem solver, violence as a problem solver and why pandas are evil

Justsayin' said...

Jimmi Hendrix- excuse me while I kiss this guy.

Anonymous said...

Sugarland - Tonight

The first verse says "instead I'm waiting here on my knees love" but I thought they sang "instead I'm waiting here all night long". I was a bit off :D

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

International convention prohibits me from singing within 19 miles of another human being. Therefor I can safely say that nobody has ever heard me flub a lyric.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Soapbox...and that's all that matters sweetie :-)

@Bruce....I'm sure I screwed that one up before! gets you thru the day

@kt...thanks...and Im glad you get all the words far as you know :-)

@Hed...too funny...and potentially painful

@Empress...sooo true

@Mrs Hyde....mam erase....must be slang :-)

@Adorkable...well then I won't even try!'re right

@lyndylou....Holly is just toooooo funny :-)

@Gew....those smiling sweet whores will get you every time!

@Odie...I've always figured they changed the words AFTER I learned them

@Wasn't....I'll take your word for it...and welcome babe, it's just an urban had it right all along :-)

@Julie...welcome...and I'm with you, I'd rather eat pizza! was Jason Waterfalls that made me think of the post....but didn't wanna bust LilSis :-)

@Manager...yep, it's spit :-)

@Jared...welcome, thanks, will do :-)

@Justsaying.....welcome...that's a good one!

@Rocket's good to obey international conventions!

caterpillar said...

I never listen closely for the lyrics...never get them right either... said...

I really liked this post as I am always singing the wrong lyrics but can I think of one song now? No, not one. Must be old age. I bet as soon as I come off this computer I'll think of a dozen.
I hope you collected the Awesome Blog award when you visited definitely deserve it. You don't even have to write a lengthy post about it, just put it in your sidebar and polish it ocassionally so it doesn't tarnish.

twilightgazing said...

It's got to be Cold Chisel's, "Cheap wine and a three day growth", I mean everyone knows (or sings it) as "Cheap wine and a three legged goat" .... too much cheap wine perhaps.

Chief aka Dad said... either

@Facing50...thank you

@Twilight...I think I saw a three-legged goat once...of course, maybe it was just the wine!

Copyboy said...

Took up ho on a turn of vee a just to get up that hill – the Jefferson's theme song

Blunders From 6 Foot 2 said...

Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins. Everybody in my class would say "Despite of my rage I'm still just rattlin my cage" when in face it's "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage"


Jumble Mash said...

Oooo! what about that Meatloaf song that I always sing wrong? Which one is it? Oh yes..."wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night."

Chief aka Dad said... go George!

@Blunders...welcome....I like your version better

JM...that's actually Blinded by the Light...performed by Manfred Mann's Earth Band but the song was actually written by Bruce Springsteen and it's "revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night"....not sure what a "deuce" is in this context???