Sunday, December 5, 2010

Planet Dad

I'm feeling a little cranky today and not real enamoured with humankind so figured this would be a good time to lay out the changes that will be made once I become Grand Pubah of Planet Earth!!!

1.  All lawyers will be given a choice...give up the practice of law and do something that actually helps society or take a long walk off a short pier...into shark infested waters...smeared with whatever it is that sharks can't resist.

2.  Since most polticians are or were lawyers, I'm hoping step one gets rid of most of them but for those few remaining, they will also get a something that actually helps society or slide down a razor blade naked into a vat of iodine.

3.  I will appoint people to the important jobs based on their personal integrity and ability to make me laugh...women with nice butts will get two bonus points!

4.  Temporary, reversable sterilization for everyone that cannot afford to raise a child...once the financial capability can be antidote will be issued.

5.  All professional athletes will work under a strick salary cap...if they reallllllyyyy play because they love the game...they can play for minimum wage!  This change will also apply to actors, actresses, singers, bands, clowns, and Barney the friggin Purple Dinosaur!!!

6.  The military, police, teachers, firemen and trash collectors will get an immediate 100% pay raise (we'll get the money from the athletes, actors, etc ) IF they are good at what they dead weight in these professions will be tolerated.

7.  Health care...I will pay for all medical training/schooling...with a two to one pay back...if you go to 8 years of medical owe society sixteen years of a REASONABLE salary...this may keep the folks that just wanna make money away.

8.  "Welfare" will only be available for those not capable of working...not those that don't want to work!!!

9.  The media will not be permitted to destroy the self-esteem of girls and women by "dictating" or force feeding their (and industry's) version of what an attractive woman should look like....all Barbie dolls will immediately put on 45 pounds!!!

10.  The only talk show that will still be aired will be Jerry Springer...cause face it, if you're doing better than Jerry's ain't so bad :-)  Dr. Phil and Oprah will be forced to marry and listen to each other's psychobabble bullshit for the rest of their private!

11.  All religious organizations will lose their tax free status...on planet Dad...if ya wanna play, ya gotta pay.

12.  Free education will actually be (their parents) will not be forced to become door-to-door salesmen of cookies, magazines, or other crap that none of us really want to buy anyhow.

13.  Thieves...the cutting off of hands, televised on ESPN, doesn't seem too harsh to me...basic thing momma taught me...if it ain't yours, don't touch it

14.  Back to education...any educator caught calling a child dumb or stupid or similiar word will have their privates painted with honey and staked to an ant hill for 8 hours...without consider who is really stupid!

15.  Drugs...the entire drug trade will be taken over by the government and taxed to high heaven...let it generate funds for the country instead of draining it.

16.  Old people (by this I mean older than me)  will regain their status as essential and venerated members of society instead of throw-aways...they will be allowed and encouraged to continue working as long as they are able to make a contribution...when they are no longer able to work...we will capitalize on their experience and wisdom by having them as advisors...when they decide they've had enough, we will treat them with dignity and respect...we should all want this since I believe we all hope to be old one day :-)

17.  Any chocolate eaten after 6 pm will have no calories...enough said!

18.  People in prison and jails are there because they did something bad...they will not have tv, gyms, the internet, or anything else that makes jail a less than terrible experience...I think the idea should be to make it so unpleasant that no one wants to go back...and possibly change their behavior to ensure they don't go back!

OK...I'm tired now...gonna go play some Xbox and then off big, empty bed...hmm, maybe I'll just stay up all night :-)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Bouncin' Barb said...

You should run for freakin' president! This is exactly what we've been saying in this house all along. Our politicians are not looking at the real issues of our society. They only see what means more money in their pocket. Excellent post. I can't even pick one that's better than the others. I love all of these.

Jumble Mash said...

Hahaha I love this!! I wish you were president. You should run. I'd vote for you. Twice.

All were very very great points but this was my favorite...

Any chocolate eaten after 6 pm will have no calories...enough said!

hed said...

I owe this a read after dinner, but I wanted to tell you there's something for you over at my blog!


Jess said...

These are all great! Yeah, I'd vote for you for President.

The Empress said...

Ok, I now officially vote you into office! I love your stand on these issues, especially chocolate, temporary sterilization, prison, and Dr. Phil & Oprah marrying.

Have a great week!

Mynx said...

You are adorable when you are cranky. I think I am getting a little blog crush lol

lyndylou said...

Love it! I'd vote for you.

My favourites were 9 and 17.

becca said...

i like the welfare idea and i totally all for the no calorie chocoalte after 6pm. when do you officially take over

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Loving the prison idea, the chocolate idea and also the military and others pay raise while taking away those that make millions for their careers that you mentioned!


Bursts of Bubbles said...

I'll go and live on planet dad for this but only if you have a health care system similar to the UK... we pay a certain percentage out of our wages so all hospital/doctor related appointments get paid through that and no extras... only thing I'd also ask for in this is free dental, eye care and prescriptions to be included in this health scheme too.

Miss Vicki said...

Awesome post :) Of course my favorite was number 17 :)

Sandra said...

You know "Dad" instead of blogging, you could be out rockin' your fine self in an area where there are actual people...just a thought, no pressure :)
And yes, no calories in chocolate after 6pm!
And stop being so cranky!

Dad said..., so it's not just me that thinks our priorities are all screwed, about campaign contributions :-) can only vote twice if you're from Florida :-)

@all...hmmm, I hit a nerve with the calorie free chocolate...I love me so chocolate!

@Empress...if you agree with me too much you may need therapy :-) heart is going all pitter patter ;-) I think I like being crushed on...even a little bit!

@lyndylou...I have serious issues with the crap the media puts on girls...I wanna kick all their asses soon as it warms up!!! My approach to welfare seems like such a no-brainer!!!

CBG...obviously I have a soft spot for the military...they earn more than they will ever your hubby a little extra treat tonite for all that he does ;-)

@Bubbles...maybe I'll make you health minister (remeber you get two extra points if ya have a nice butt) and you can work this out

@Sandra...yeah, not very likely...I'm saving my self for some lucky blogger :-) And there's not a big venue for almost 50, non-drinking, non-smoking, guys to'll be in charge of fixing that on Planet Dad!