Saturday, December 11, 2010

LittleSis Upate

Help...I am in dire need of an ass massage!!! I'm sure the chair in LittleSis' hospital room could possibly be more uncomfortable....I'm just not sure how...maybe spikes. Good news, not so good news...gallbladder is out...had a stone nearly the size of a golf ball and some smaller ones. Not so good news...apparently a stone or stones moved into the central bile duct and is causing an obstruction. She's resting well but they will move her to a larger hospital in the morning and do a procedure to try and remove the stones. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy spending "quality time" with JM's mom and her husband...oh joy :-)


lyndylou said...

I think they make the seats so damn uncomfortable so that you get up and the crappy canteen and the depressing hospital shop to spend money cos there is f**k all else to do!

Poor you re the ex and her husband. Luckily for me my ex rarely comes to the hospital and on the rare occasions that he does, he makes sure that I am gone first. lol

Jess said...

Poor Little Sis! :( Hope they get her taken care of soon. LOL at your obvious joy over hanging out with the ex and her hubs. A few years ago my older sister was in a car accident while living in Tennessee with my dad, and my mom went up there to take care of her because she broke her neck. My mom, dad and stepmom were living in the same house for three weeks. Hilarious.

Dad said... are 100% correct!!!

@Jess...3 weeks...I think I would go to a shelter first!

Mynx said...

I was going to offer to rub your shoulders but then I reread you want you ass done and I think I might have to rethink that one. Not that I dont think you have a lovely ass..
Hugs and I hope you and lilSis get to go home soon

DW said...

Sounds like you need to bring a pillow. Even though your ass hurts, you'll recover sooner than your daughter. :-) Gallstones? So not fun! Good thing you have an iPad - you'll need it. You could also entertain yourself remembering why your ex is your ex - and how someone else gets to deal with it now. Too bad you can't bring booze to the hospital.

Miss Vicki said...

Gallstones...not fun...spending time with ex and her new partner...not fun...ass massage...might be fun :)

becca said...

ouch and as adorable as you are i'll have to pass on the massage not sure the hubby would approve. hope all goes well with little sis

ib said...

Dad, can't help with your butt issues but (Pun Intended) I do hope that your daughter recovers soon.

Ex and Ex's next Ex at hospital. Hmmm.

Mrs. Hyde said...

I'll take an ass massage too, please. I haven't had to spend hours in any uncomfortable chairs, I want one just because.
Positive thoughts and well wishes to Little Sis!

Krissy said...

I just noticed where you and JM posted about LittleSis today. I'm glad to hear she's doing better, as I hope your nerves (from the ex and the husband) and your ass are, too. :)

Dad said...

@Mynx...thanks sweetie...and a shoulder rub is welcome anytime

@DW...oh no...I've got those memories buried so deep I never want to trudge them up again!

@Miss Vicki...I like the way you think

@becca...thanks, and that's why I don't like husbands...they ruin all my fun :-)


@Mrs. Hyde...I'm here for you and your reason required

@Krissy...all seems to be going well and I'm very good at ignoring the ex :-)