Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ho hum...

I love the questions y'all asked...don't hesitate to ask more :-)  And y'all are great for my ever so fragile male ego...thanks.  Busy day at work's friggin' freezing here...I'm tired and kinda bored.  Here's a question for ya...are any of you attracted to they type of person that is the opposite of what you actually want?  I know that what I want in a woman is intelligence (smart is sexy), a good sense of humor, independence, the ability to be a kid at heart and have some fun (serious people bum me out) and someone that doesn't want to change me!  Now, what I'm attracted to is the Damsel in Distress...go figure!!!  I mean really...I have a hard enough time taking care of me and the girls...why in the hell do I apparently have this need to "save" someone???  Fortunately, old age and a clearly established fear of commitment has trained me to avoid these women that really only want to use me as an emotional tampon....but, to be honest, the attraction is still there.  Wonder if electro-shock therapy would help?  I have jumper cables and I'm not afraid to use them :-) the way...I had a new experience yesterday.  First, some quick background...I've been divorced and have lived alone for about 17 years.  Although I can cook reasonably well, I generally don't unless the girls are coming for dinner.  So...I usually either eat something from the microwave or go out for dinner.  The last several days I've had a craving for...of all things...sloppy joes.  While at Walmart...the only store I go to..I saw some sloppy joe seasoning in an envelope thing...looked enticing so I got it.  Read the instructions and it called for a 6 ounce can of tomato paste...I don't believe I have ever purchased a can of tomato paste before...but what the hell, I'm adventurous.  I get home from work last night and decide to be Betty Friggin' Crocker and make my sloppy joes.   I browned the ground beef, peeled and cut up an onion and yes...opened the tomato paste...pretty gross looking stuff...I can only imagine if tomatoes had turds...this is what they would look like...not very appealing!!!  After all was said and done...the sloppy joes sucked and I threw them away and went to McDonalds!


becca said...

aw that's sucks about the sloppy joes next go with Manwich

Jess said...

LOL my grandmother has this awesome recipe for sloppy joes, and she'd kill me if she ever knew I used something like manwich or seasoning powder! I never make it though because it's really involved. I just wait for her to make it and invite myself over for dinner!

About being attracted to people unlike what I want in a man....the perfect example for me is - don't hate me - Zac Efron. I would never in a million years be with a guy as metrosexual as him, with better hair than me. Still, for some reason, every time I see that boy I swoon. I have no idea why.

Mynx said...

I have no idea what sloppy joes are but well done you for giving them a go. As for the attraction thing, well hubby is everythign I decided I DIDN"T want in a man. And we have been together 20 years. Who would have thought lol

SSW said...

This is so funny cause my co-worker gave me a recipe last week for sloppy joes....I haven't ate sloppy joes since a teenager, but I loved mine with cheese!

lyndylou said...

I haven't a clue what sloppy joes are either but well done you for trying to cook from scratch.

I'm with Jess on Zac still my beating heart! But again, I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a guy who would spend more time at the mirror than me!

I think if you asked most women, they don't really have a "type" as such they are just going by what they see and hear.

I know what you mean about the damsel in distress thing cos I dated a guy who thought he had to rescue me as I was single with a disabled child. When I made it clear that I was not a vulnerable little girl who he had to wrap up in cotton wool, he lost interest!

The mind boggles!

Jumble Mash said... shoulda just used Manwich. Never can go wrong with Manwich. And let's send everyone who doesn't know what Sloppy Joes are a can on Manwich. It's a sad place where there are no Sloppy Joes. LOL.

Have you girls every seen the movie Billy Madison with Adam Sandler? The part where he is in the cafeteria and the crazy lunch lady comes out? Those are sloppy joes.

Bursts of Bubbles said...

I always find packaged stuff never turned out right and the ingrediants is always wrong so all the effort you go into goes to waste. I don't think we have sloppy Joes in England though so I've no idea what it is.

Dad said...

Who is Zac Efron???

@becca and JM...Manwich is one of the rare foods that gives me the taste, hate the after effect

@Mynx...very kewl that you've been together that long