Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh Crappy Day

I think I'm in the grip of mentalpause...I really have nothing of value to write about tonight so if ya just wanna skim and post an "um hum"...I'm cool with that.

Been in a slightly pissy mood today for no apparent reason.  We had our work Christmas luncheon today....I enjoy the time away from the office but not the pretense by the people that would put a dagger in your back in the blink of an eye that we're suddenly one big happy family...yeah , friggin' right!

I've determined that Jumble Mash and her sisters are enablers....I've been Christmas shopping for them since October...I have presents stacked all over the place....and this very morning, I see something interesting at work (I can't be more specifc, cause JM may read this)...comment on it and find myself forking over cash to have the "items" delivered tomorrow.  I mentioned it to JM and instead of saying "Dad, really...enough is enough...please quit spending all your money on us", her reply...with a twinkle in her voice...was "Oh goody...thanks"...see...enablers :-)

A very sweet thing did happen today...I hadn't posted anything since The Night Before Christmas and Bubbles actually popped in to comment to make sure everything was OK....I was honestly touched...Thanks're on my good karma list :-)

Due to above reference mentalpause condition, I am soliciting topics to post, if you have anything in mind, let me know.

P.S.   I've been looking for a new pair of brown, slip-on (cause I'm too lazy to tie) casual shoes for about a week and as a result have noticed something every shoe store there are roughly six times the selection for women as there is for men....but women and men both have two feet each...what the hell is up with that?


Bouncin' Barb said...

I am so with you on the backstabbers at work who are so two faced and buddy buddy at the holidays. Piss on 'em I used to say! haha.

It's a womens world when it comes to shopping. Go to and try their shoes. It's free shipping and free returns. They are awesome and they have tons of mens shoes in all styles.

becca said...

aw hugs hope tomorrow is better and We as kids can't help but go "oh goody" when parents say they have bought something hey we are just kids after all

Asian Angel said...

Hmmm... Enablers... I would have to side with you on this one. I grew up in a culture where we only celebrated one holiday a year and it sure wasn't Christmas.

What can I say? Some women collect purses, some collect shoes. The only kind of shoes that guys collect are Nike. Notice I wrote guys and not men.

ib said...

Dad, I absolutely feel your strife. My daughter, God bless her soul, is already begging mom and dad to take her to the mall. She's four. My only saving grace is that she does not want to shop, she wants to ride the merry go round.

The world of consumerism is geared toward ladies, no doubt. You would think that brown slip ons would be an easy buy. Try

bruce said...

i have a pair of crocks (ugh!) slippers that i really like, my wife calls them my smokin boots...

i thought i would hate them but i am secretly a crocks fan now...

(i will never admit it, tho')

bruce johnson jadip
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the guy book

Miss Vicki said...

Seriously...about the need to ask???
And I hope that you are ok...You are ok?...I don't think I could cope without popping by and not leaving your comments :)

DW said...

Oh I absolutely *despise* work "parties", especially the "team-building" dinners they have after work hours. I see my coworkers all day long. What makes them think that I want to see them after work? For some people, work *is* their life. It's not that way for me, because I already have a life. So, if you're a coworker and want to meet after work for a drink, forget it. You don't actually think I have anything in common with you other than our mutual employer, do you?

Did I sum that up accurately, Dad?

P.S. I need to think of something else to call you. Since I'm in your age range, "Dad" just doesn't work.

lyndylou said...

I'm with DW, Dad doesn't work for me either! I am just a few years younger than you!

I so don't miss work parties, not that I got to go to many anyway cos working shifts, you couldn't really get everyone together, thankfully. But I do miss Christmas parties in general :)

And the more Chrizzie prezzies the better is all I am saying!!!

I think one of your topics should be Best/worst christmas ever! lol

Odie Langley said...

I can personally identify with you on the gathering of employees. I am a service manager with 5 technicians that are supposed to be able to repair copiers and fax machines. Some have been with this company for 10 years and there are days when they act like they have never seen a copier before. We cover a large portion of eastern NC and they might have to travel 3 hours to do a service call and forget to carry something basic and have to do it all over again the next day with gas at $3.00 a gal. Do you feel my pain yet? Had to get that off my chest. Hope you have a wonderful wednesday.

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Oh no! Its a good job I asked as your truely in need of a beer and a nice meal... I only know how to cook Pakistani food so I hope you like spicy things. I put it in the post today :P!

Thankfully in the places I've worked (and work) we weren't (aren't) expected to turn up which thankfully has worked out for the best as I don't enjoy going to them to meals out as much as I did in my early 20s. Also to pay to go and continue to chatter about work isn't worth the money as I get that all day long.

As for shoes, there might be more range for women but they aren't suitable for everyone. If you look closely they have huge heals, big wedges... I can understand competely how you feel as I work with children and need flat shoes not ones that I'll take their eye out with when I cross my legs. Then you have slim feet and wide feet... I stop my rant there... I'm sure you'll find something.

I've read on a lot of U.S blogs about Toms and how comfortable but also nice they are. Of course I don't own a pair and don't know what your price range is but maybe there is something you'll like there.

Mynx said...

Um hum.. yep well.
Women buy a lot of shoes. Men not so much. Therefore there needs to be supply to meet demand.
I want you to blog about your australian adventures. There, a topic for you.
I want embarrassing stories about JM
and if you really want a challenge, you can guest post for me.
Enough to get you started?

Jumble Mash said...

Wait..wait..what Mynx? I thought we were friends. {Lip trembles}

Nothing too embarrassing, Dad. Cute embarrassing works :)

Also if you were looking for someone to tell you to stop buying gifts, you shouldn't have called me. I'm not very good at telling people to stop buying stuff, especially if its for me!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

I hope you get out of your funk soon! Its Xmas after all!


Canadianbloggergirl said...

I hope you get out of your funk soon! Its Xmas after all!


ib said...

Dad, pardon my going off topic but, Odie L., I used to repair office equipment. I'll work for you. Fire all of them. Combine all five of their salaries, remove the lowest and that will be my going rate. :)

Krissy said...

So if we fuss at JM for enabling you, do we get the presents you keep thinking of to buy her? Huh, huh?

As for topics, weren't you in the military? You would have to be the ONLY guy to EVER not have a ton of military stories. Spit them out. :)

Jimmy said...

I always hated the office parties, just another reason I like being retired they can't rope me in anymore, they always let us off work at noon on Christmas eve but we had to stay in the office break room and eat cold cuts and visit with one another until 1pm, it wasn't a forced party they always said it was that they were buying our lunch that day.

How about a post about the perils of buying shoes and the conspiracy against men when it comes to selections of shoes and such, have you ever noticed no matter what you go looking for when buying for yourself they no longer stock---or is that just me.

Chief aka Dad said... nice of them to buy lunch :-) I actually found a pair of shoes last night but the options are very limited for men!

Chief aka Dad said... too...they act like they are in middle school!!! I'll check Zappos, thanks

@becca...I'll be all better soon :-) Thanks

@Angel...what holiday do you celebrate?

@ib...enjoy the "merry-go-round" days...they quickly turn into "Dad, buy me a car" days :-)

@Bruce...your secret is safe with me!

Krissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chief aka Dad said...

@Miss Vicki...yeah, I'm OK...thanks for asking...I think I need some TLC ;-)

@DW...ya hit the nail on the head! As for calling me Dad...never considered how that might be weird for some folks...the only other things I've been called are asshole, dickhead...don't really like those two...and, for now I will be Chief aka Dad and then eventually drop the Dad.

Chief aka Dad said...

OK...what the hell is going comments are being rejected as being too long then disappearing but apparently being can call me Studmuffin, Boy Toy, Dr. Love...whatever works for you ;-)

@Odie...yep...I feel your pain...I supervised for about 20 fun!

@Bubbles...thanks :-)

@Mynx...JM has never, ever done anything even remotely embarassing...and yes, she is here holding a gun to my head. Australia...good idea.

@CBG...thanks worries, gotta take advantage of every opportunity!'ll have to fight that out with JM :-)

Krissy said...

Okay, originally you said I had the pick of her presents when she opened them. Geez, did I lose out on the screwup by blogger!

And by the way, everyone. I just found out "Dad" is a Chief! Being a Chief in the Air Force is something that only 3% of the enlisted men EVER accomplish. That is a huge achievement, and it's something he should be proud of. I'd much rather call him Chief than Dad... although my Dad is also a Chief. :)

DW said...

Oh, "Chief" is much better! Since you were in the military, you probably lived in many places. How about a blog post about that? I'm sure there were things that you had to get used to. For example, did you live in France and find out that peanut butter was rare? Did you live elsewhere in Europe and have a washing machine but no dryer? You know, stuff we take for granted.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Krissy...actually to be accurate...only 1% ever become Chief's...2% become Senior Master Sergeant's...the top two ranks are limited to 3%...and it's way cool that your Dad is also a Chief :-)

@DW...yeah, I've been a few places :-)

Krissy said...

Chief... At the time of my father's 70th birthday a few years ago, the stats were different. But the point is that it's an elite group who ever get to Senior or especially Chief Master Sergeant. My brother-in-law who always called my dad "chief" was the one who pointed it out to us. He kept telling us how we never appreciated what my dad really accomplished. Dad made rank every time he ever tested for it, so the accomplishments he and YOU made are huge! And you need to be recognized for that.

Asian Angel said...

Chiefs are great. I find that they are often the most motivating individuals in the military.

My family only celebrates Chinese New Year. No birthdays, no other holidays.

Chief aka Dad said... would be so cool to sit and talk to your Dad...the history would be amazing :-) Thank you for the kind words...I have an enormous amount of help and good fortune along the way. birthday!!! Can I celebrate your birthday for you?

Asian Angel said...

Of course you can celebrate my birthday for me! :) Sometime in the middle of January would be great and don't forget to get yourself a birthday gift. Hahahaha

Chief aka Dad said...

@Angel...great...mine is the 17th of Jan...and I buy great gifts...ask JM :-)

Asian Angel said...

Hmmm... Ummm... I don't mean to doubt you but I'm going to need some proof on that birthday because that is also my birthday.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Angel...ask Jumble Mash...she can verify :-) Happy Birthday to us :-)

Jess said...

I think you're right about the kiddos being enablers, especially that trouble-maker JM. Admitting you have a problem is the first step though, so well done. I say you boycott Christmas next year just to teach them a lesson.

JM - I love you! :P

Chief aka Dad said... teach them that it's better to give than to receive...I could buy them great gifts...and then send them to you!!! The only reason I won't do that is that I know one day JM will be deciding what rest home I get sent too...and I don't want her holding a grudge :-)

caterpillar said...

There are a few backstabbing We're Family kinds in my office too..I normally tend to ignore them...(hide when they come by kinds)...And shoes...guess who carries 3 pair of shoes on a 4 day we need more choice you see... :)