Friday, December 31, 2010

Surprise, surprise!!!

I was just catching up on reading my blog glad everyone is back and posting after the holidays...when I popped into Semi True Torystellar's and saw that she had gotten "The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award"...well deserved, in my not so humble opinion!!!  As I read her post, I was surpised to learn two, we're both closet Twilight junkies and two, she passed the award on to me!!!  She said "and finally Dad over at Unsound Reasoning because he’s just a laugh, regardless of what he thinks of Idaho."  I'd like to go on record, no actual potatoes were harmed during my rant about Idaho!!! Thank you Tory!

It seems that I have to share five guilty pleasures and pass the award to three fellow we go:

1.  One of my favorite things about this time of year is the availability of Egg Nog...I absolutely love it...espically to chase down cookies :-)
2.  My iPad...the girls call if my BFF...not with the same tone now since I got them each one for Christmas :-)
3.  The smell of a puppy...a very macho, he-man kinda puppy...pit bull maybe :-)
4.  Reading a book that is soooo good that you're mad because it's over.
5.  That I've always had crappy hair...makes it so much easier to accept losing it :-)

It is my distinct pleasure to pass this award carpet and drum roll....honor guard with raised swords...Odie at The Simple Life, who posted a great story today that will rekindle your faith in people and always has a positive outlook...Lyndelou at The Giggle Fest because she inspires me...her ability to cope with adversity and maintain a great sense of humor is amazing...and Bubbles at Bursts of Bubbles because she is Irresistibly Sweet :-)

Now...everyone go check out Can U Relate? Thanks again Tory!


bruce said...

you do deserve it!

i will check out the other blogs!

Happy New Year!
bruce johnson jadip
stupid stuff i see and hear
Bruce’s guy book
the guy book

Chief aka Dad said...

thanks Bruce!!!

Mynx said...

Totally deserving of "the Pav"
Congrats Chief

becca said...


Odie Langley said...

Congratulations Chief and thanks passing it on to me. I have wanted to be a positive influence in the blog world hoping I can help others along the way. 2011 can be so great if we go into it with joy and a desire to make a difference. Happy New Year.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Mynx and Becca...thank you ladies....always nice to get a kind word from the fairer sex 

@Odie...well I believe you've met your goal...I always find your posts and comments to be positive 

The Empress said...

Congratulation on your award and to the bloggers you kindly passed the award on to. Happy New Year!

lyndylou said...

well deserved Chief and a big YIPEE for nominating me for the award, I am so chuffed. Thank you so much X

Bubbles said...

Thank you so much for choosing me, it was such a lovely surprise and I'm enjoying the dessert :D.

Chief aka Dad said...


@lyndylou...not sure what "chuffed" is but I hope it's good :-) And you are indeed welcome

@Bubbles...I like surprises...and dessert :-)

Sandra said...

And I'm a not-so-closeted Twilight junkie!
Go Team with me Chief? Huh? Huh?!!!

Chief aka Dad said...

@Sandra...I kinda gotta go Team Jacob...the wolf pack is bad ass :-)

Jumble Mash said...

Yay! Congrats to all the winners.

hed said...

Congrats! I'm a day late...have you ever tried the egg nog lattes at Starbucks? It's the only egg nog I can tolerate haha :)