Saturday, January 22, 2011

Theory vs. Fact

It is so friggin' cold here I saw a penguin wearing a coat!  I hope everyone that's stuck in this weather is finding a way to keep warm and toasty.  Jumble Mash and BF came up for a while today...I think I may have dropped her one time too many when she was a baby :-)  I filed her taxes for her but was unable to convince her that the refund should be deposited in MY account...she's very protective of her money!!!

I'm gonna share one of my favorite "dirty" I imagine I need to start with a warning and disclaimer...THIS IS A DIRTY JOKE...JOKE being the key word!  If you are easily offended...I'm sorry...not for the joke but that you're easily offended :-)

Dad comes home from work one evening and walks by Junior's bedroom.  He sees Junior working on his homework with a perplexed look on his face.

Dad asks Junior if something is wrong.

Junior replied "Well today in science class the teacher tried to explain the difference between a theory and a fact, but I just really don't understand"

Dad thinks for a moment and then says, "I think I can help clear this up with a little experiment"

"Junior, I want you to go ask you sister this question...If a complete stranger offered you 500,000 dollars to have sex, would you do it?"

So Junior runs off and asks his sister and without hesitating she says "Hell yeah I'd have sex with a stranger for 500,000 dollars!"

Junior runs back and tells Dad, "Yeah Dad, she says she would"

Dad then tells Junior, "Now, go ask your mother the same question"

Junior asks his Mom and she seriously considers the question before answering "Junior, I'm embarrassed to admit that yes I would...that money would mean a lot to the future of our family"

Junior reports back to Dad, "Yeah Dad, Mom says she would have sex with a stranger for 500,000 dollars"

Dad says "Well Junior, there you have theory we're sitting on a million dollar business but in fact we have two whores in the house!"

I hope everyone has a great weekend :-)


Bouncin' Barb said...

Now that's cute!! Very funny!

bruce said...

love it!
great joke!

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Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that was hystercal!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Love the joke so much that I'm copying it and emailing it to people who I'm sure would appreciate it!


Mrs. Hyde said...

If only that job actually paid that much...

a bitch called mom

Out of My Mind said...

Sitting here at 11:57 PM laughing like an idiot.
Should have read this in the morning because I will probably giggle off and on for a while.


Out of My Mind said...

Hey, if I grab your button will you follow me??????

Mynx said...

Awww you made me smile. If I wasnt so tired I would be laughing. Loved it.

Starlight said...

That's a good one :) Thanks for sharing it.

Bubbles said...

Funny but I'm curious to know what land this family live on as the older sister in reality would grind the brother for asking the question and the mum would smack his backside for being rude.

Bubbles said...
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lyndylou said...

made me laugh!!! and I need a good laugh right now :)

Chief aka Dad said...

@Barb...I think so too

@Bruce...glad you liked it

@Teresa... :-)

@CBG...spread the laughter!

@Mrs. Hyde....I'd have to be a monk...I'll never have that much money!

@kt...glad you got a chuckle....I thought I was already following you...must of had an over 50 moment...but I'm following now and you don't need to grab my button :-) your delicate condition, a smile is good enough :-)'re welcome


@Comment Deleted....huh???

@lyndylou...glad I could be of service

becca said...

omg that was the best joke thank you for sharing going to have to tell hubby that one.

Odie Langley said...

That was a good one. Thanks for a bright spot in my day.

ib said...

I take offense to this joke. Some people have to pimp their sisters out to make ends meet. It's demeaning to a complete generation of pimps. That said, good stuff Chief. I needed a funny to start my work day off right.

Jumble Mash said...

LOL love that joke. I gave you an award. Come see.

Anonymous said...


On My Soapbox said...

Oh, that is bad. Now I may have to come up with some bad jokes, too. There are plenty of them around my house.

BTW, there is an award for you over on my blog! :-)

The Restaurant Manager said...

Very funny!! Thanks for posting!

Chief aka Dad said...

@Becca...hope hubby enjoys it :-)

@Odie...glad I could bring a smile your way

@ib...fortunately pimps are pretty thick skinned !

@JM...thanks sweetie

@Tame One...welcome and I'm going to assume that Bahahahaha is good :-)

@Soapbox...dig 'em out, one can never have too many bad jokes :-) And thanks!

@Resturant Manager...welcome to my piece of the your photo...hope it didn't happen at your resturant :-)

Anonymous said...

Haha, good joke, now the question is who would pay 500,000 bucks to have sex with them so they can make that theory a reality.