Saturday, January 1, 2011

Old Age and Wisdom, Part 1

On January 17th I'll be 50 years old...assuming the Mayan calendar isn't off by a year and we implode in 2011 instead of 2012.  I've never had a problem with reaching a certain age...I never expected to make it beyond 21 so everything else has been gravy.  I have however found myself contemplating the Big 50!

I'm not sure what I expect 50 to feel like but I was kind of under the impression that old age and wisdom went together.  I certainly feel the old...I have aches and pains in places I didn't even know I had 5 years ago but I'm not so sure about the wisdom.

In an attempt to convince myself that I have learned something through my bazillion and a half mistakes...some of them repeats...over the next week or two I'll going to post 50 things I've learned in 50 years....y'all can be the judge of whether or not they add up to wisdom :-)

1.  Peanut butter combined with just about anything...jelly, pickles, bananas, marshmallow cream, potato chips...makes a pretty good sandwich.

2.  Coca Cola truly is the nectar of the gods.
3.  Giving people an ultimatum rarely provides the results you intended.
4.  Ignorant people shouldn't breed....we already have plenty of ignorant people.
5.  Being a parent is the best but hardest job you'll ever have.
6.  Zip caught between metal teeth is not only embarrassing but extremely painful.

7.  Life owes you nothing....despite the victim mentality that seems to run the world today.
8.  A stuffed green pepper will not flush...don't ask.
9.  As soon as you think you know the answer, someone will change the question.
10.  Being married is better, being single is easier. be continued


Anonymous said...

I disagree about the peanut butter and Coca Cola.

Mynx said...

Agree to disagree on 1 & 2. Not a huge peanut butter fan although the eldest child loves his with blackberry jam.
Everything else is so true.

(hear you beat JM @ words with friends, must have a game sometime)

twilightgazing said...

You so cannot leave number 8 at that! Spill.

Bubbles said...

Half a century old... you never know you may make it to the full round... here the queen would send you a telegram (no idea what your meant to do with it at that age as all your mates have gone so theres no one to make jealous)

Anyway I'm looking forward to the rest of this series and I'm too curious about stuffed green peppers :)...

Chief aka Dad said...

@Adorkable...welcome...disagreement is encouraged here :-)

@Mynx...coming from a vegamite eater...I can understand :-) Would love to play with you...have JM give you my name.

@twilight...a true idiot moment :-)

@Bubbles...don't know that I'd want to live to be 100...telegram or not :-) Can't talk about the green pepper...too traumatic :-)

Bouncin' Barb said...

Chief Dad...I just turned 50 and I'm still looking for the wisdom I'm supposed to have! Don't hold your breath now. I was so broke when I was single all I had in the house was peanut butter, bread and mustard. Yup, I ate it. Not bad truthfully!! Fun post.

caterpillar said...

Not too sure about the peanut butter...but then it's just me, I guess!

becca said...

wow the wisdom you have manage to accumlate great job and you are so going to have to tell us more about number 8 i just know the story behind that is going to be good.

Odie Langley said...

Chief Dad this is going to be good. Really enjoyed the start off. About age, I thought about 50 and then about 60 and will soon be hitting the 64 mark. I don't feel like I am ancient but I have the pains that come with added years. That part sucks but I deal with it the best I can. Have a great rest of the weekend & I'll catch up withyou later.

Copyboy said...

As someone who just turned 40, I appreciate the heads up.

Copyboy said...

BTW...just made you new blog of the day.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL! I loved turning 50. I had so much fun that I said I wanted to do it again. This year, I'll be 55. Gasp! I think that I'll make it my stellar year!

I think peanut butter is pretty darn good with toast. Very rarely do I eat it with anything else. I do like it on celery. Crackers. Apples. Jelly? Not so much.

Jumble Mash said...

Lol. I agree with the pb!! And I'll be careful zipping? Lol

Mrs. Hyde said...

Peanut butter and pickles...yuck. What are you pregnant?

The thing about ignorant people is that they don't know they're ignorant. Unfortunately, that means their breeding is inevitable.

Parenting: hard, yes; best, debatable.

ib said...

Okay, I'm familiar with PB&J but I must admit, PB&P is a new one on me. Now, my wife agrees with you. She's a big fan of PB&P. I have been with this chick for 9 years and this is the first time I have ever heard of this.

4, 5, 6, 7 & 10, agreed.

8. (Is that sort of like a double decker?)

Jess said...

Peanut butter and pickles? Really? Doesn't sound appealing.

I'm with you on Coke. It's my guilty pleasure.

I think you'll handle 50 with grace and humor. :)

lyndylou said...

Brilliant! I live my life by no7 and no 8 wtf???? no 9 so so true and totally agree with no 10

Jimmy said...

I turned 50 back in June, got myself worked up thinking the world was going to end or something on that day but to make a long story short, It aint too bad :)

Yep Peanutbutter goes with just about anything

Chief aka Dad said...

@Barb...I'm hoping when I wake up on the 17th I'll be all wisdom :-) It's incredible what we can adapt to eating when we need to...pb and mustard...hmm's don't have to eat it :-)

@becca...I'll think about #8...hate for everyone to actually KNOW how stupid I am :-)

@Odie...I can't even imagine what 60 will be...I'll be looking to you for guidance :-)

hed said...

Number 3 and number 10...welcome to my life. Where was this list six months ago damn it! :) Looking forward to the next installments.

Peanut butter and pickles? You pregnant?


Chief aka Dad said...

@copyboy...welcome...and thanks...I've never been the "Anything of the Day" before! I'll do what I can to help you avoid the bumps between 40 and 50 :-)

@Teresa...I think it will be just another day..pb and toast is good..also good on warm bagels

@JM...if you have a zipper know I'll blog about ya sweetie

@Mrs. Hyde...if I'm pregnant, I'm gonna tell everyone it's your baby! I could facilitate a chance for you and Mrs. ib to share :-)

Chief aka Dad said...

@Jess...if I quit drinking Coke...they would go out of business...6 to 8 bottles a day! I dunno about grace...but humor for sure.

@lyndylou...#9 happens to me every day!!!

@Jimmy...good to know..can't see how it will change anything...and thanks for the PB support

Chief aka Dad said... was locked in my little brain six months ago, sorry...yep, I'm pregnant and it's Mrs. Hyde's baby!

Asian Angel said...

My ex turned 50 in June but he didn't put too much thought into it. At least it falls on a holiday.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Angel...woo having my birthday off...don't you :-)