Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Visit from Mini-Me, Jumble Mash :-)

In a comment on a recent post, my darlin' daughter Jumble Mash insinuated that I am stubborn!!!  I was a shock to me too.  Being the non-stubborn, fair-minded individual that I am...I offered her the opportunity to sate her case....and she did!!! 

So, it is my distinct pleasure to present JM's side of the story:

I cannot believe I haven’t visited Dad’s place before!! Hi everyone! I am here to share with you why I say my Dad is stubborn and that I have no idea why he disagrees. I mean, where does he think I got it from?
Anyways, Dad often times believes he’s a perfect angel. I have no idea who put that in his head, but that’s beside the point. Don’t get me wrong, he is absolutely wonderful and the best dad that anyone could ask for, but he does have his moments.
Exhibit 1
Dad likes things his way. Always has.  If there is an argument, even a playful argument, and he isn’t exactly winning, or his point is invalid, he retorts to “I’m the Dad, I make the rules.”  My sisters and I lose. Every time.
Exhibit 2
He was dating this woman, we’ll call her J, when he left to go on a business trip, which he does a lot. When he returned home from said trip, he unpacked, took a nap, woke up and called J. J was upset with him that he didn’t call as soon as he got home, so he broke up with her. This could be contributed to his fear of commitment that I swear he has, but we’ll chalk it up to stubbornness for now.
Exhibit 3
Dad wanted lights in his basement/woodshop. Dad is in no way an electrician, but instead of waiting for an electrician or someone even a little qualified, he bought a book and wired his woodshop himself. All by himself. No one was around to help if he would have gotten electrocuted.
These are just some of the ways my dad is stubborn. He seems to take things to the extreme sometimes too. Like once I told him he was embarrassing me, and he said, “Fine, I’ll just stop talking.” And he did.
But now I feel like I need to share some of the awesome things he does to even it out.
Exhibit 1
The Money Game- Dad is financially well off and every once in a while, we get to play the money game. He pulls out all of the cash in his pocket and we get to guess how much is there. If we guess right, we get all of it. I have never won. The closest I’ve gotten was $1.00 off, and he did give me the dollar difference because it was so close. And I’m not talking about five or ten bucks in his pocket. When I was a dollar off, I guessed $115.00 and it was $116.00.
Exhibit 2
When I get sick Dad goes and puts together a “Get Well Soon” package and delivers it to my house. This usually consists of a stuffed animal, lots of cold medicine, a bottle of Sprite, a gallon of ice cream or popsicles, and tissues. 
Exhibit 3
It doesn’t matter when, where, or how, if I need something, Dad always pulls through. My car breaks down in Mexico? Dad finds a way to fix it. Somehow my bank account was overdrawn by $500? Dad fixes it. Can’t get my iPad to work? Dad drives an hour to fix it. Stupid boy breaks my heart? Dad kills him.
Just kidding. But seriously, he always knows what to say. And he always has an answer.


Odie Langley said...

Now that was cute, a typical father and daughter telling their side. Enjoyed all of it a lot.

twilightgazing said...

You both have such an awesome, fun relationship, thank you for letting us share and enjoy it. Oh and Dad, when I get sick can I please put in a call?

Chief aka Dad said...

@Odie...I won't say she's right....but there might be a grain of truth in what she says :-)

@Twilight...of course you can call :-)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

ok - i want in on the guessing game for the money. lol!

sick call... that would be so awesome to have a care package delivered. but, mine would need to be diet 7-up. lol

don't blame you for breaking up with her.

Mrs. Hyde said...

You broke up with the woman because she was worried about you? Exactly what I would have done.

Jimmy said...

I would have wired the shop myself too, actually I have done a bit of electrical work but I failed to read the book first, at least your Dad read the book...Right :)

I love to read both of you especially when you talk about each other.

Your Dad is a good man and I am proud to call you both friends of mine.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! It was quite entertaining and cute getting the daughter's perspective. Can I play the money game too?

becca said...

for all his stubborness i think the good out ways it. you have an awesome Dad and Chief keep up the great work because in truth there is no man more important in a girls life then her Dad.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Awwww, this makes me miss my Dad. He was a true West Virginia Southern Gentleman and I was his only daughter. SPOILED!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure about my relationship with my dad. He does make sure that I am taken care of and things are fixed, but we aren't really super close like some father daughter relationships that I know.

Bubbles said...

Aww can you adopt me? My dad won't mind I'm sure... we all need a little stubborness or else we wouldn't get so far in life.

lyndylou said...

this was an ace post. But dumping J cos she was worried about you? emmmmm lol and I am kinda with you on the wiring thing, sometimes it's just better to do it yourself although I definitely wouldn't have attempted that!

And I have done the whole, not speak cos I woz accused of embarrassing Holly and it is so entertaining!

You sound like you two have a fab time together and Chief I think you are a very thoughtful dad :)

Mynx said...

Oh Dad, if I wasnt married and half a world away..... lol

Sounds like you do more electrial work at home than my hubby does and he is actually qualified.

Such a sweet post. JM make sure he lets you win the money game next time hehe

Jumble Mash said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments! You guys are super sweet. Dad and I definitely have a very close and awesome relationship. I couldn't have hand picked a better dad.

caterpillar said...

Hi Dad, wanted to let you know that I have passed on the Stylish Blogger award to you....

colenic said...

Love this fun...and you can tell that you two have an awesome relationship and she thinks the world of you....what a great gift....

Anonymous said...

I just gave you an award. Come on over and check it out :D

Cap'n Kyrie said...

It shoulda beed: Stupid boy breaks my heart? Dad fixes him. ^-^ (I dunno, I just think that would be more appropriate than killing.)

becca said...

gave you an award

Chief aka Dad said...'s a popular game! 7-Up, got it!

@Mrs. Hyde....some times there's a thin line between worry and control :-)

@Jimmy...actually kinda looked at the pictures :-) Thanks for the kind words.

@Jax...sure...get in line for the game :-)

@Becca...thanks sweetie

@Barb...I'm sure he was a good hillbillys are pretty good folks :-) life would suck if it weren't for my daughters!!!

@Bubbles...sure but you have to relocate!

@lyndylou...thank you for the kind words...the not talking to them works wonders sometimes :-) And I had to let her go...too controlling! you have me blushing...and thinking of the clevage pic ;-) are so at the top of the Will :-) Stylish? Now I feel all warm and fuzzy! Thank you.

@colenic...I couldn't agree more

@Jax...thank you!!!!

@Cap'n....that's do-able :-) head will so big I won't be able to walk out the door!!! Thank you so much

Krissy said...

JM.. Psst.. I think it's a Chief thing! They are perfectionists to a fault if your father is anything like mine, which it sounds like he is.

That is too sweet about the care packages though. Dads who can fix anything are the greatest! :)

Bubbles said...

Yeah... actually it will suit you if I'm miles away as I can't beg you for money then :P but saying that though my savings will almost double so I may have better luck buying a house there and then if I need any electrical work doing you can help out. Hmmm... decisions!!