Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom....the last installment :-)

First and foremost....I must plug Jumble Mash's first ever heard right...."Miss I Love to Spend Dad's Money....but Not Mine" is having a GIVE-AWAY, so rush over there and get signed up....she told me there was a no family members can win disclaimer somewhere way down in the fine-print where I couldn't see it cause I'm now officially old :-)

Today was pretty much a pain in the buttocks and I absolutely couldn't wait until quitting time!  As I walked in the freezing rain/sleet to my car....I was still happy that it was quitting time!

Old, single guy food tip of the day...Bob Evans single serving mashed potatos...microwavable....mmmm, mmmm, good!

If I don't get my last 10 pearls of wisdom done tonight, I'll finish tomorrow and you can quietly add "and Thursday Thinking" to the title....thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Oh yeah....I can see some future blogs in the making...I subscribed to last far I got hit on by a Russian potato farmer chick that I'm pretty sure could whip me the best out of three falls....I'll keep searching :-)

Now, on with the wisdom:

41.  Some days, the best course of action is to just stay in bed.

42.  Never take playing cards with nekkid women on them to school...elementary school :-)

43.  Sometimes, the most effective way to teach your kids something is to admit that you're painful as that is!

44.  Asking the cute young blonde working the condom counter if they come in petite will wipe the smug look off her face every time :-)

45.  Legos have no natural predators.

46.  Somehow sand will get into places that water can't!!!

47.  Empathy is a skill that can be learned, with practice.

48.  Every day above ground is a good day.

49.  Compromise is not the other person giving in to your way of thinking!

50.  Nothing...not fame, fortune, power, or more important to me than my daughters!

That's it....that's what I've learned in 50 years :-)  Oh, now you don't have to worry about adding the "Thinking Thursday" thing to the title :-)


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

totally love #50.

#48 aint too shabby, either.

Copyboy said...

Love the Lego one. BTW...have you ever tried mashed potatoes with ketchup? Yum.

twilightgazing said...

Watch out for the I've lost my wallet and am stuck in Nigeria with my starving kids one too! But all good fun and great blog material :).

Yes, how does sand get into the places it shouldn't?

Sandra said... huh...CANNOT WAIT for the stories!
And what's wrong with a Russian potato farmer. I bet she mixes a great pot of borshe...or however it spelled. I don't have to know how to write it, I just want to eat it.

Jimmy said...

"Sometimes, the most effective way to teach your kids something is to admit that you're painful as that is!" Amen my friend this is so true.

I'd skip on the Russian Potato Farmer Chick for now too, there has to be someone a bit closer :)

Mrs. Hyde said...

Aw, give the potato chick a chance...big girls need love, too.

Anonymous said...

I love numbers 45 and 50! I love playing with legos and you are right they have no natural predators :D

bruce said...

those 'taters are the best!

great points! I love the 50th the most!

good job!

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Bruce’s guy book
the guy book
Dreamodel Guy

On My Soapbox said...

When I saw the photo for #48, I thought it was going to be about flatulence. Glad I was wrong.

Out of My Mind said... should give you plenty of fodder for your blog, but id doesn't look like you need any. You're doing pretty good on your own.

Do you know how to make a button or did someone do it for you?


lyndylou said...

41, 43 and 50 are my favourites! We should swap stories as I did that on Plenty of and OMG what an eye opener! There are a whole bunch of crazies out there! lol

Odie Langley said...

I agree that you do pretty darn good without any outside influence. Congratulations on finishing that long list. I know you must be glad it's behind you. Have a great rest of the week.

becca said...

#50 is by far the best and #48 is a close second said...

Okay I'm grinning stupidly again. These are really funny. How do you come up with this stuff? I quite like the idea of the Russian potato farmer could practice saying 'Kalashnikov' in a daft voice thus amusing yourself for hours (it works for Hubby when he watches 'Russia Today')

Bouncin' Barb said...

Chief Dad...these were great. I cannot wait to share online dating stories with you. Can't wait for the first scammer trying to get money out of you. If they start with Hi for the hills. Good for you for doing it. You can meet a lot of nice ladies for at least some dinner dates.

Jumble Mash said...

LMAO about the Legos. I was seriously fighting some evil with my Lego Princess Leia.

And thanks for the plug.

AND OMG I DONT WANT A STEP MOM. LOL Just kidding. Kinda. I am looking forward to the stories! And the things you are going to come up with to get out of having an actual relationship :)

Krissy said...

Oh, the stories we are in for now! JM won't even hook a dad up with some free stuff? Geez! I am all about #41, especially on work days.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Teresa...#50 is what it's all about

@Copyboy...I'll have to take your word on the ketchup and mashed taters lost wallet it

@Sandra....but when I'm being cussed out...I want to be able to understand it!'re right, it's not easy but sometimes we just have to do it

@Mrs. Hyde...she could hurt me!!! At my age, it takes a long time to heal and JM are so there...Legos and bubble wrap :-)

@Bruce...#50 is my reason for being

@Soapbox...I'm glad you were wrong too :-) lovely daughter, Jumble Mash, made my button for me

@lyndylou....or you could save me a lot of trouble and just move in :-)

@Odie...yep but it made me think and was fun


@Facing50...that might work, I'm easily amused

@Barb...I've met some very nice ladies on-line but I haven't tried anything like Match before...we'll see how it goes a relationship??? Daughter, you act like I have committment issues :-) Love you too!!!