Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday....hmmm

At the risk of bringing my manhood into question...I publicly admit that I really don't give a crap about the Super Bowl...there, I've said it!!! 

Fan...short for defined as "a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics."

I've never really understood the fan mentality...don't get your panties in a wad, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it...I just don't understand it.  I like to watch a football or basketball game (sorry baseball or cricket is as about as exciting as watching grass grow) but I wouldn't plan my daily schedule around game time.  I don't think that my wearing their jersey or buying furniture in their team colors will have any impact on the outcome of the game!  I have a nephew that had the Steelers logo tattooed on his arm...I'm sure that's why the team had a good season :-)  And I don't think I've ever heard or read about a team winning the Super Bowl and then sharing the profits with their fans!!!

Who was the marketing genius that convinced us that sports is on the same level (per the definition) as religion and politics?

 maybe the difference isn't as big as I thought!  These all seem to meet the requirement of extreme and uncritical :-)

Time to get my domestic chores done...I need to hire a maid...get packed for California...and check the TV listing to see what's on opposite the Super Bowl :-)  Go Raiders !!!


twilightgazing said...

Ummmm, I'm not too sure there Chief. Watching a bowler warm up in the outer pitch, can get the blood racing a bit more than watching grass grow :). Maybe it's just a girl thing!

ps have a good trip

Kalei's Best Friend said...

wow, u r in the minority of males...glad to see that.. what part of cali are u coming to see? the weather is great now... u picked the right time.

Odie Langley said...

I am with you in that the superbowl means nothing to me except for maybe a good commercial that is more entertaining than the game. You are not alone my friend.

lyndylou said...

I am with you, I just don't see what all the fuss is about! Not that I get to watch it all the way across here in Scotland but I've seen what they are like here re sports and it's a bit OTT!

Enjoy your time away :)

Bubbles said...

Thankfully we have nothing like that here or else I'll be having to tell all what I think about it. Most of the sports here have been bought out and only air on paid sky channels (as they own the rights to them) so people like me can enjoy whatever junks on TV.

I'll be bored to tears over Easter though as it will be all leading up to the royal wedding! They've even given people the day off to watch it on TV. said...

Love you even you like musicals? lol
Hubby doesn't watch sports either -
he says it's a waste of a good afternoon.
I've commented below too...apparently Blogger has been eating comments again.

Chief aka Dad said... must be a girl thing :-)

@KBF...Sacramento for work...the change in weather will be most welcomed :-)'re right, the commercials are the best part...I used to love the Budweiser frogs

@lyndylou...I know...I mean it's not like it's topless girls mud wrestling!!!'s so over done lucky you're not bombarded with it

@Facing50...not so much into musicals :-) I do however likes plays.

Sandra said...

I suspect you just made a lot of women very horny with the admission that you couldn't care less about Super Bowl Sunday!...~fanning myself~

becca said...

good to know my hubby isn't alone in the fact that he could car less about football thank you

G said...

In Italy fans are known as tifosi - which I think derives from typhoid.
For them sport is an illness, for us a religion...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you. I absolutely love football. I am a Patriot fan and therefore could care less about this years super bowl but I would be still be watching it if I didn't have so much work to do. I love how you are not afraid to admit you don't see the big deal with the super bowl. My dad doesn't either so you are not alone :D

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Didn't think I was the only one who doesn't care about the Stupor Bowl. I looked at the schedule: 4 hour pre-game show, 4 hours for the grand event itself and a 30 minute post game show to tell you what you just spent the previous 8 hours watching. That ought to put anyone with an IQ into a stupor.

Anonymous said...

I love football. I don't, however, watch much of it because it makes me all crazy. If the Colts are playing and I watch, I get a little... shall we say.... loud.

Jimmy said...

I'm with you on the Superbowl, I may watch it but it is not on my list of priorities--The Daytona 500 now thats a different story :)

Jumble Mash said...

I played Xbox last night. Lego Indiana Jones to be exact. That was way more fun than watching the Superbowl.

Jumble Mash said...

I played Xbox last night. Lego Indiana Jones to be exact. That was way more fun than watching the Superbowl.

Mrs. Hyde said...

Well, I'm not driving 5 hours just to clean your house...unless the price is right.

a bitch called mom

Justsayin' said...

I watch the Superbowl but I don't get all crazy fanatic about it.

caterpillar said...

Wow Dad....that must have taken some guts...but I'm glad to see one man who's not a slave to cricket, football and all the other sports seasons.

hed said...

Hey...did I miss why you're headed to my neck of the woods (CA)?

And the Super Bowl is like the Oscars-it doesn't matter if you've seen all the movies, it's just a night to veg out and have an excuse to eat crap and hang with can say the Oscars is a girl's Super Bowl, LOL :)


On My Soapbox said...

Since I'm more of a participant than a spectator, televised sports just don't hold a lot of interest for me.

I am bummed that I forgot about the Puppy Bowl, though.

Enjoy your trip to CA! I might be taking one there soon, too. :-)

Chief aka Dad said...

@Sandra...just my luck...I finally figure out how to make women horny and there's not a one in sight!

@becca...tell him he's not alone

@G...good comparison

@Jax....the great thing is that you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is :-). I like Brady and the Boys but I wont by a shirt with their name on it....or any other teams. Now, if they want to pay me to wear a shirt to advertise for them, we can work out a deal.

@Rocket Man....did the moon landing get that much coverage?

@Tame One...well that's's the Colts :-)

@Jimmy....Im the same with Nascar as with football...if Im not doing anything else an its on, Imight watch

@JM.....that's my girl :-)

@Mrs your price ;-)

@Justsayin....same here

@Caterpillar...yep, I'm a's just the way I roll! Sacramento this week for work...the warmth is nice but the 45 mph winds today are a bit much!

@Soapbox...puppy bowl?