Monday, February 21, 2011

Rainy Monday

I woke up with a headache, so it was Excedrine Migraine for breakfast...low calorie but not much in the taste department.  It's raining and gloomy outside and I just heard on the radio that we're supposed to get hit with a snow storm tonight!!!  But....on the bright is President's Day, which is a federal holiday so I get the day off and can just lay around and be lazy...or I could go take Jumble Mash to lunch....hmmm, decisions, decisions.

In honor of President's is an offering of Presidential Trivia

1.  Who was the first President to live in the White House?

2.  Who was the shortest President, at 5 feet, 4 inches?

3.  Which President had 15 children?

4.  Which President was the first to have a Christmas tree in the White House?

5.  Which President dedicated the Statue of Liberty?

6.  Which President had the largest feet...size 14!!!

7.  Which President was the first to name an African American to his cabinet?

8.  Who became vice president and president without being elected to either office?

9.  Who was the only President to serve in both World War I and World War II?

10.  Who was the first President to give a speech on television?

And because I don't want my International friends to feel left out...

1.  Which Australian Prime Minister was noted in Parliment for using terms such as "You Scumbag" and "You Slime"?

2.  Which Australian Prime Minister went missing at Portsea, Victoria in 1967?

3.  Which Australian Prime Minister cried on television after being voted out of office?

4.  Which UK Prime Minister had a blend of tea named for him?

5.  Which UK Prime Minister won the Nobel Prize in literature?

6.  Who was the only Jewish UK Prime Minister?

My civic duty to stimulate the minds of the masses has been met for today :-) 


Bouncin' Barb said...

Did I ever tell you that I was not a good student in History? I have no clue. Hope the migraine feels better soon.

Blunders From 6 Foot 2 said...

Is it bad I'm too lazy to answer the trivia or look up the correct answers?

Doria said...

Yea i passed history by the skin on my teeth! Good luck with that migraine, on a good note, you are full of information with that head pain! :)

Jumble Mash said...

I have no idea, but I would like to know the answer to number #2. Short people unite and all that.

Krissy said...

You realize you put the line "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.." in my head. Wasn't that the Carpenters?

I would say Lincoln had the big feet in #6, and is #9 Kennedy? I know I'm going to kick myself at some of the other answers as they are on the tip of tongue. Here, read it! :P

ib said...

I appreciate the mental stimuli this morning but why did it have to be Presidents? By the way, the shortest President to have served a term was Bilbo Baggins.

Odie Langley said...

1. John Adams 2. James Madison 3.John Tyler 4. Franklin Pierce 5. Grover Cleveland 6. Harding 7. Carter 8. Ford 9. Eisenhower 10. Truman 1. Whitlam 2. Holt 3. Federer 4. Earl Grey 5. Churchill 6. Disraeli
That was fun.

Bubbles said...

Its the same here with rain/snow but at least I go to go out and spend a complete fortune... its just annyoing to have my sis watching me spend and roll her eyes since she thinks I should be buying a house instead. I got some more coloured inks as I only seem to use my black one.

Anyway I'm so glad you liked what I made :) and I can now finally blog about it :D... hope your able to use them in some way.

Have a great Monday off.

Chief aka Dad said...

@Barb...I'll give you an "A" just because I didn't have to work today :-)


@Doria...people have been telling me "I'm full of it" for years!

@JM....strangely enough, he has the initials of Jumble Mash...James Madison :-)

@Krissy...yep, it was the Carpenters....Bigfoot was Harding...Ike fought in both wars...your tongue has good penmanship ;-)

@ib...because it's President's Day...and Bilbo probably couldn't do any worse than some that we've had

@Odie...very good...but not 100%...according to my exhaustive research (Al Gore's internet)..7. Johnson was the first to name an African American to his cabinet...1. Paul Keating was the PM with the colorful language...and 3. Malcolm Fraser was the cry baby :-)

@Bubbles...I love retail therapy, always makes me feel better! I love the book marks and they will go into my "treasure box" as a rememberance of you and a reminder that there are still people in the world that are nice just for the sake of being nice :-)

Odie Langley said...

I got mine off google.

Dudemeister said...

Do they teach this kind of stuff in American schools.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i used to be really good in history but my brain has not been in that realm for quite a while.

hope the migraine is better. those are a real pain (pun intended).

Kalei's Best Friend said...

jeez, i got a headache lookin' at the questions... it's mon. dude! and a holiday to boot... got to rest the brain cells...

Out of My Mind said...

I'm a retired teacher and a history buff and I only knew
1) Adams 3) Tyler, who also had 2 wives. 5) Cleveland
9) Eisenhower 10) Truman (fyi-I live in the town in which he was born)

Now a question for you. Why wasn't Washington the first president living in the White House. What was the name of Washington's horse. And what was Washington known to have the largest home made supply of? kt

ib said...

It's President's Day? That would explain why I did not receive mail today.

Bubbles said...

aww... but you'll have to use them. I've got a bookmark that one of my pen-friends sent me in 1998. She put a really lovely quote on the back and dated it which is why I know when it was sent, even though we don't write anymore every time I use it it remind me of her great letters... just a shame she stopped writing.

Mynx said...

OK I am doing this off the top of my head without resorting to google or the history books. I will probably get stuff wrong as history, even my own, isnt my strong point
1. Paul Keating
2. Harold Holt
3. Bob Hawke (maybe KRudd)
what Malcom? Cant imagine that? Hawke was always crying and Rudd put on a real sook after being knifed.
Whitlam was sacked and Fraser took over. Very famous quote came out of that. Do you know it?

twilightgazing said...

Wow, and you have a migraine???? Hope you are feeling better though... mmmm I think lunch is a perfect way to spend the day off :)

Copyboy said...

Yeah, my prez knowledge is bad. BTW...if you're interested I'd be honored if you joined my blog community @

caterpillar said...

Not from US, not from Australia either...and though not an excuse, I got no clue what the answers are. I hope you're feeling better now...

Chief aka Dad said...

@Odie...I think mine came from Bing...can't even trust the internet to be consistent :-)

@Dude...they used to...don't know if they still do went away...after a nap :-)

@KBF...gotta use them here, not allowed to use them at work :-)

@KT...I'm guessing...either because it wasn't complete yet or he wouldn't leave Mt Vernon, Martha???, homemade whiskey

@ib...yep...that would be why :-)

@Bubbles...I have them sitting here on my desk

@Mynx...2 out of 3 ain't bad...or so Meatloaf sang...nope, I don't know the quote

@Twilight...didn't get to have lunch with JM after all...she had meetings and had to eat at the office :-( bummer

@Copyboy...we're blog knowledge is do I join your blog community?

@Caterpillar...I am feeling better, thank you...where are you from?

Mynx said...

He stood on the steps of Parliment house and said (the first line is the most famous)

Well may we say "God save the Queen", because nothing will save the Governor-General! The Proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General's Official Secretary was countersigned Malcolm Fraser, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr's cur. They won't silence the outskirts of Parliament House, even if the inside has been silenced for a few weeks ... Maintain your rage and enthusiasm for the campaign for the election now to be held and until polling day

On My Soapbox said...

Oh, I am horrible at trivia! Besides, I took Excedrine Migraine today, too. Must be the "pre-snow" headache....

For #3, my answer is "The craziest one".

bruce said...

i googled this and it seems all the answers were....

bruce johnson...

happy monday!

Bruce Johnson JADIP
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The Guy Book

Anonymous said...

I hate history and therefore can not answer any of your questions. I'm a horrible citizen.

becca said...

after 4 school trips to D.C. you think i know the answers but sadly i do not off to the corner to wear my dunce hat

Mrs. Hyde said...

Um...I did not come here to do homework. Or to demonstrate my lack of patriotism and knowledge of history. Now I feel like a stupid American. Thanks a lot. :P

Jimmy said...

What Odie said after the corrections Ha Ha, I'd hate to see how good you are without a headache :^)

Out of My Mind said...

Just wanted you to drop by my blog tomorrow 2/23 and pick up something I have for you......kt

Chief aka Dad said...

@Mynx...I used to love watching the Australian Parliment on television...much more entertaining than American politics :-)

@Soapbox...I buy Excedrine migraine by the truckload!

@Bruce....right you are!!!

@Jax...if you knew all the answers, I would have suspected that you were a deep cover Russian mole :-)

@Aunt look cute in the pointy hat ;-)

@Mrs. Hyde....just doing my part to lower the self-esteem of people every where :-)

@Jimmy...I'm a googling fool know I'm 50...I'll forget who I am by tomorrow :-)