Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rambling state of mind

So, is there a rule or guide to how long a blog should be?  Is there a requirement for it to be coherent...I hope not.  I have about a bizillion things running thru my pea brain tonite...none of which are even remotely connected.  So buckle your seat we go.

First...I want to wish everyone an indigestion and drama free Thanksgiving...I am officially prepared to go into "grazing" mode at first light.

True freedom has got to be the luxury to say exactly what you want to say without regard to political correctness, pissing people off, or offending someone...heaven forbid!  Unfortunately, I think only toddlers and very old people have this freedom...I am sooooo envious.

Is it a bad thing that I'm a little jealous of Boyfriend?  Not in a weird way, I just like being the person responsible for JM and her sisters happiness.

A friend at work just bought a 3-D television.  I started wondering, if he watches porn on it...will he need a splash guard or something?

Big Sis and Li'l Sis came up and put up my Christmas tree this afternoon and it's really pretty.  Apparently the star for the top has gained some weigh since last year (that's what happens when you lay around in a box and do nothing) and is now to heavy.  I will go to Walmart and find a skinny star.  If one of the girls has not "borrowed" my camera, I'll post a pic of the tree in the next day or two.
After reading the responses to the gender change question, I was forced to conduct an experiment.  I now understanding the curiosity with peeing standing up....peeing sitting down isn't much of a challenge and doesn't really allow for any target practice :-)

I want to send a big THANKS to Jess for offering to be my mail order bride IF she weren't already's the closest to a relationship I've had in ages!

I had a woman tell me once that I was an emotional cripple....will that get me a parking space?

The holidays are a love/hate time for me.  I love them because it gives me the opportunity to go over the top to make my girls happy.  I am so extremely fortunate that they have grown to be women that I not only love because they are mine but because they are people that I like.  I am proud and happy that they are each responsible people making their own lives....but to be honest it does make me very aware that I'm alone...and if you're reading this JM, do not feel guilty because I wouldn't have it any other way...your happiness truly makes me happy.  It's weird, I'm so proud that they can stand on their own feet and make their way in the world but it saddens me that they really don't need me but I guess all parents reach that point.
OK...everyone except JM come over here and I'll tell you what I got her for Christmas....whisper, whisper, whisper...ohhh, ahhhh.

Night all, and again, Happy Thanksgiving


Jumble Mash said...

OMG I totally thought you were really going to say what I got for Christmas!!! Grrrr.

Favorite line in this- "I had a woman tell me once that I was an emotional cripple....will that get me a parking space?" Too funny.

I really want Jess to be my step mom. Too bad she's married.

And DAD if you weren't so afraid of commitment, you wouldn't be alone. Just because someone wants to know when you get home from a week long trip does NOT mean that they are psycho. Am I right, ladies, or am I right?!?!

Love you daddy :)

Dad said...

@JM....afraid is such an ugly about allergic? It's got a nice sound to it :-)

Bouncin' Barb said...

Dad...if Bruce and I should call it quits for any reason I'll let you know. Just don't hold your breath on it ok? I don't want to be responsible for a code blue or something. You should be proud and it's only natural to be a little jealous of the person who gets a wonderful daughters attention. She is pretty awesome if I say so myself. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dad said...

Thanks Barb...the temptation to hold my breath is strong but I'll take your advice :-)

Jess said...

LOLOL. I love you. And JM. Y'all are just a bundle of awesomeness with a cherry on top.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mynx said...

great post dad. (A little weird calling someone Dad when they are only a couple of years older than me.) I love random

lyndylou said...

ha ha ha, I loved that line about an emotional cripple! I think we are kindred spirits lol What you need my friend is a friend with "perks". Someone who will be there for you both emotionally and physically but doesn't want too much commitment! It's a win win situation :-)

Canadianbloggergirl said...

You seem like a Dad that is guilty of one thing....loving your children! No one in their right mind can say that is not admirable.


Dad said...

@Jess...flattery will get you everywhere...where should I send the check :-)

@Mynx..if it's easier, you can spank my butt and call me Susie :-) Random is all I can be, it's the way I think...glad you like it.

@lyndylou...I agree 100% and if you have someone in mind, send them my way :-)

@CBG....awwwww, you're making me blush

Jess said...

Actually, I prefer small, unmarked bills. No reason....

hed said...

I was going to comment about your first paragraph, how long a blog should or shouldn't be. Totally up to you, but for the love of God make sure you USE paragraphs! That's my biggest pet peeve when reading a blog, when it's pretty much one long sentence. Yours are perfect though!


Krissy said...

Are there rules here? WHAAAAATTT?? Don't tell me that now, because I ain't followin' no damn rules! No one said anything about rules when I started this.

@JM... I got the whisper. Didn't you? What's it worth to ya? :)

@Mynx.. I agree. I'm definitely closer to his and your age. But who cares? No rules, remember? Right???? Please tell me there are no rules.

@Dad.. er.. Random.. I left my husband... wow... 18 years ago. (Ummm.. so that makes me 25 since I married YOUNG!) But that's why I live vicariously through my family during holidays. We have a blast even though I have no significant other. And blogs are the place to not be politically correct if you want to. We'll still love you.. and spank you. :)

Krissy said...

Grrrr.. Forgot again.. This is where to find me if you want more abuse... or lack of rules. :)